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I Believe “high standards” lead to highly trained and motivated professionals that keep our community safe and maintain the public’s trust.  I know high standards are what the people of Spokane County expect and what they should demand.

As a result of my stance on “HIGH STANDARD”; crime rates are down.  Over the past 12 years we have seen the lowest violent crime rates in two decades.  The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office has become known as one of the best law enforcement agencies in the state of Washington, especially when it comes to training, the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office has the Public’s Trust.  It has been an honor to serve you for the past 12 years.  Thank you for your continued support.

2017 NCP Training Innovation Award:  “The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office is the FIRST law enforcement agency that has submitted coursework for national certification and is certainly leading the nation in this endeavor!”-Brian Grisham, IADLEST President.

I have lived in Spokane since moving here in 1946.  I have seen many Sheriff’s in my 98 years and Sheriff Ozzie is the best Sheriff Spokane County has ever had.

                -Kathrin James, Spokane County Resident, Life Long Democrat

Voting to appoint Ozzie as our Sheriff stands as on of the best decisions I made while in office.

                -Mark Richard, Former Spokane County Commissioner-Republican

Ozzie ….is without question the best Sheriff in Spokane County history.  His peers have recognized his leadership by electing him President of the Washington State Association of Sheriffs and Police chiefs.

                -Skip Chilberg, Former Spokane County Treasurer-Democrat

Sheriff Ozzie does an outstanding job for Spokane!  He is the hardest working man I know.  And he protects our women from domestic abuse!

                -Trish McFarland, Former YWCA Director

The Spokane County Board of County Commissioners unanimously appointed Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich Sheriff of Spokane County on April 11, 2006. He was elected to the Office of Sheriff in the fall of 2006 by 75% of the popular vote and is currently serving his third term as our Sheriff. This year marks his 28th year in the Law Enforcement Profession.

As Sheriff of Spokane County, he oversees the law enforcement activities in the unincorporated areas of Spokane County and several contract cities and towns. He serves as the Director of the Spokane County Department of Emergency Management.

Prior to being appointed to the office of Sheriff, he held the following positions with the Sheriff's Office: patrol deputy, field training officer, property crimes detective, sex crimes detective, SWAT team operator, SWAT team supervisor, patrol supervisor, and training supervisor.

Sheriff Knezovich has served as a patrol officer for the City of Olympia, Washington and the City of Rock Springs, Wyoming. He was assigned as a relief supervisor and to develop the school resource officer program while serving with the Rock Springs Police Dept. He started his law enforcement career with the Town of Superior, Wyoming serving as the Town Marshal.

He serves as President of the Washington Sheriffs’ and Police Chiefs’ Association and co-chair of the following committees and Boards for the Washington Sheriff’s and Police Chief’s Association:

  • The Homeland Security
  • Intelligence Committee
  • Law Enforcement Standards, Training and Education Committee
  • Washington State Intelligence Fusion Center Executive Board
  • Past co-chair of the WASPC Law Enforcement Accreditation Committee

Sheriff Knezovich serves as the Past President of the FBI-Law Enforcement Executive Development Association (LEEDA). LEEDA is an organization dedicated to developing leadership training for law enforcement leaders.

At the local level Sheriff Knezovich has served as the Chair of the Emergency Communication Board.

Sheriff Knezovich is dedicated to our community and our youth. He has served on or is currently serving on the following community outreach boards:

  • The United Way
  • Daybreak Youth Services
  • The Salvation Army 
  • Frontier Behavioral Health (formally Spokane Mental Health)
  • ARC of Spokane
  • Founding member of the Spokane County Human Rights Taskforce

Committee to Re-Elect Ozzie Knezovich (R)
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Spokane, WA 99228
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